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Funny Woman Series 2 begins production

Production is underway on the second series of Funny Woman, the Sky comedy drama starring Gemma Arterton. Tim Key, Gemma Whelan and Roisin Conaty are amongst those joining the cast.

British Comedy Guide, 12th January 2024

Funny Woman to return for Series 2

Sky has recommissioned period comedy Funny Woman, about a female comedian and writer in the 1960s, starring Gemma Arterton.

British Comedy Guide, 24th August 2023

Funny Woman review

A convincing ensemble.

Maryam Philpott, The Reviews Hub, 9th February 2023

Flux Gourmet: the latest smorgasbord of peculiarity from Peter Strickland

None more queasy. None more strange. None more alienating. None more off-beige.

Donald Clarke, The Irish Times, 30th September 2022

Rare Beasts review: A memorably bracing experience

Billie Piper's directorial debut goes from bleakly funny to just bleak, says Graeme Virtue.

Graeme Virtue, The Big Issue, 22nd May 2021

Rare Beasts review

Billie Piper's debut viciously mauls romcom conventions.

Clarisse Loughrey, The Independent, 21st May 2021

Rare Beasts review

Billie Piper's film is underwritten and overacted.

Kevin Maher, The Times, 21st May 2021

Rare Beasts review - Billie Piper as triple threat

Self-described "anti-romcom" is nervy and edgy.

Matt Wolf, The Arts Desk, 20th May 2021

Rare Beasts, review

Billie Piper's 'anti-romcom' has a swipe at Laurence Fox.

Robbie Collins, The Telegraph, 20th May 2021

Film review: Rare Beasts

Sadly, melodramatic hysteria is also where Billie Piper's otherwise promising directorial debut Rare Beasts ends up.

Alistair Harkness, The Scotsman, 19th May 2021

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