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Lee Hurst
Lee Hurst

Lee Hurst

  • English
  • Stand-up comedian

Press clippings

It's too late to save comedy from 'cancel culture'

Will comedy become the latest victim of 'cancel culture'? Dame Maureen Lipman fears as much.

Patrick West, The Spectator, 22nd December 2021

Lee Hurst slammed after he blasts eco-warriors

Lee Hurst has blasted "young entitled eco-warriors" on social media, as he warned "jog on".

Michelle Marshall, The Daily Express, 4th November 2021

Lee Hurst kicked off Twitter

Comedian Lee Hurst has been suspended from Twitter after tweeting that Professor Chris Whitty being grabbed in a park was "not enough". The stand-up, one of the stars of hit BBC panel show They Think It's All Over in the late 90s, was widely criticised for the post.

Jamie Downham, The Sun, 30th June 2021

Lee Hurst takedown was the response he deserved

Right wing former TV comedian Lee Hurst - stick with us, please - has had his say about that awful video of Chris Whitty apparently being accosted and it's just as grim as you'd expect it to be.

The Poke, 29th June 2021

Lee Hurst's 'black death' vaccine dig - 13 comebacks

Spare a thought - only kidding - for right wing former TV comedian Lee Hurst who used the Black Death to have a dig at people getting the coronavirus vaccine and it didn't end well, it didn't end well at all.

The Poke, 17th June 2021

Lee Hurst's dig at vaccinations backfired spectacularly

Right-wing former TV comedian, Lee Hurst, is an anti-mask, anti-vax Brexiter, so he ticks all the boxes for the demographic most likely to bring up World War II to try and prove a point.

Oonagh Keating, The Poke, 9th June 2021

Lee Hurst suspended from Twitter over vulgar Greta joke

Lee Hurst says he has 'no regrets' over a tweet that saw his Twitter account suspended, telling us 'it got laughs' - however many users did not find it funny and reported him.

Jack Wetherill, Daily Star, 20th March 2021

Lee Hurst mocked over 'anti-mask' letter

Lee Hurst has been mocked on Twitter after putting his name to a letter complaining that secondary school pupils wear masks in schools when they reopen on Monday.

Chortle, 6th March 2021

Lee Hurst called 'selfish p****' by Piers Morgan

Piers Morgan has hit out at Lee Hurst after the Kent comedian said he didn't wear a face mask while food shopping.

Nika Shakhnazarova and Scott Banks, Kent Live, 26th October 2020

How many pro-Brexit comedians are there?

Comedy and current affairs have always had a close relationship - but Brexit and Donald Trump's presidency have posed new challenges for comics.

David Sillito, BBC, 5th April 2017

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