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Laura Lexx

Laura Lexx

  • English
  • Writer and stand-up comedian

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Edinburgh preview: Laura Lexx & Sara Barron

A double bill of excellent comedians: both tackled arguably taboo subjects, both were extremely funny.

Jonna Brett, Broadway Baby, 12th July 2018

Fringe Q&As: Laura Lexx

Laura Lexx on kicking a haggis over a highland cow and tatty scones.

Linda Howard, The Herald, 7th July 2018

Laura Lexx: Trying interview

Funny Women editor Kate Stone talked to Laura about mental health, going viral and how Live at the Apollo solved sexism in comedy... (thanks Live at the Apollo).

Kate Stone, Funny Women, 3rd July 2018

Laura Lexx intervew

Interview with Laura Lexx.

Punchline UK, 3rd July 2018

You have to be joking? Laura Lexx

Laura Lexx interview.

Short Com, 29th June 2018

Trying for a baby gave me a nervous breakdown

Trying to conceive can be a stressful time for many women. This heartache is something comedian Laura Lexx, 31, knows all too well. "My husband and I started trying and within a couple of months I was on antidepressants and in therapy for generalised anxiety disorder.

The Daily Express, 28th June 2018

Laura Lexx talks babies and breakdowns

Comedian Laura Lexx decided to take a year off comedy to try to have a baby. Instead she had a breakdown. The trying-for-a-baby bit was part of it.

Ellen Scott, Metro, 25th June 2018

Laura Lexx: the Edinburgh interviews 2018

Laura Lexx interview.

Becca Moody, Moody Comedy, 24th June 2018

Edinburgh preview: Laura Lexx

This year she's back in Scotland with considerably more jokes than answers. She's done trying now; it's time to laugh.

Theatre Weekly, 23rd June 2018

Laura Lexx takes her depression to the Fringe

Recently, Laura has been busy hosting on BBC Radio 4 Extra's Comedy Club, winning the UK Comedy Award and being nominated for a Chortle Award... for the third time. However, for most of 2017 Laura was trying to get through therapy, trying the patience of everyone, and trying unsuccessfully for a baby.

Broadway World, 16th June 2018

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