Big Cat Small Flap. Kit Johnstone.

Kit Johnstone

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Kit Johnstone is an actor, writer, director, editor, executive producer, comedian and director of photography.


Year Production Role
2018 Hashtags Writer
2018 Carpool Karate Various
2018 Carpool Karate Writer
2018 Carpool Karate Director
2018 Carpool Karate Executive Producer
2018 Carpool Karate Director of Photography
2017 Mungbeaners Tarquin
2017 Mungbeaners Writer
2017 Mungbeaners Director
2017 Mungbeaners Producer
2017 Big Cat Small Flap Self
2017 Radio 4: In My Bloody Time Writer
2017 Radio 4: In My Bloody Time Director
2017 Hipster News Editor
2017 Type2 Trainspotting Junkie
2017 Type2 Trainspotting Writer
2017 Type2 Trainspotting Director
2017 Type2 Trainspotting Producer
2017 Type2 Trainspotting Editor

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