John Robins
John Robins

John Robins (I)

  • English
  • Writer and stand-up comedian

Video clips

John Robins on problem gambling

As new data shows gambling participation is back to pre-pandemic levels, John Robins is helping to front a campaign to awareness of treatment and support available through the National Gambling Treatment Service (NGTS).

Jon Richardson: Ultimate Worrier - Josh Widdicombe's feet

Josh Widdicombe and Jon Robbins try out some different social greetings, including touching each others feet. But Josh Widdicombe doesn't want to get his feet out. Find out why...

Jon Richardson: Ultimate Worrier - Guess The Hand Dryer

Jon Richardson takes his OCD to the next level by attempting to identify the make of different hand dryers whilst blindfolded, guided by Josh Widdicombe. How does he do?

Beat The Internet With John Robins - What sauce goes with...

It's a bad round, as now one manages to score any points.

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