John Robins
John Robins

John Robins (I)

  • 40 years-old
  • English
  • Writer and stand-up comedian

Video clips

Mock The Week - Unlikely things to hear at Christmas

This video stars off with a spat between real life couple Sara Pascoe and John Robins.

Comedy Central At The Comedy Store - John Robins' girlfriend went to Australia

John Robins talks about what happened when his girlfriend (Sara Pascoe) went away for four weeks.

Mock The Week - Unlikely lines from a fantasy film

Lord Of The Rings is amongst the films mocked.

Mock The Week - Things you wouldn't hear on Crimewatch

Don't dial 999 for any of these jokes.

Mock The Week - Rejected exam questions

Let's hope kids don't have to answer these questions.

Mock The Week - Things you wouldn't hear on a train

The performers suggest things you would be unlikely to hear on a train.

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