Jim Davidson.

Jim Davidson

Jim Davidson criticised for Gary Glitter remark

Jim Davidson is being criticised for saying Gary Glitter is "remorseful" and "ready to start a new life".

Jacob Stolworthy, The Independent, 11th June 2021

Comedy mustn't be censored by corporate bores

What unites Jim Davidson and left-wing comic Sophie Duker? They're both being censored by money men - and that should worry us all.

Nina Power, The Telegraph, 28th May 2021

Geoff Norcott donates to charity after losing bet

"£1,000 to charity if anyone can dig out a Jim Davidson routine about politics," he tweeted. "I must've missed the bit on Big Break where him and John Virgo were digging out the unions." But Chortle editor Steve Bennett quickly quoted Davidson's 2003 stand-up special Vote For Jim, which contains plenty of political gags, as the title suggests.

Chortle, 20th November 2020

Surprise! Jim Davidson goes on a racist rant

Jim Davidson has been widely condemned as racist after releasing YouTube video saying dance troupe Diversity should perform a routine about black men mugging people.

Chortle, 16th September 2020

Jim Davidson calls for BBC to axe Gary Lineker

The 66-year-old comedian has taken aim at the retired footballer's "lefty political views", and insisted TV bosses should look at replacing the programme's presenter with former Arsenal striker-turned-pundit Ian Wright.

Female First, 15th July 2020

Jim Davidson: I'll stop doing jokes about black people

Jim Davidson has vowed never to make a joke about black people again. But he doesn't appear entirely happy about the decision, saying it was a 'sad old day'.

Chortle, 18th June 2020

Jim Davidson quits running his charity

Jim Davidson has stepped down as chief executive of Care After Combat, the charity helping veterans which he helped set up in 2014.

Chortle, 11th December 2019

Fans' fury as Jim Davidson gig pulled with minutes left

Jim Davidson fans have been left fuming after a gig was pulled with less than an hour to go.

Chortle, 22nd October 2019