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The Stand announces Edinburgh shows and new deal for artists

With growing noise about the extortionate costs of the Edinburgh Fringe for artists, The Stand - Edinburgh's best full-time, year-round comedy club - is listening. Founded on the basis of a fair deal for artists and committed to that promise ever since, The Stand's first announcement of Edinburgh Fringe shows in 2023 comes with the news that their deal has been revised to drop venue hire costs and not increase ticket prices.

Bruce Dessau, Beyond The Joke, 15th February 2023

75 killer jokes and one-liners from the Fringe (Link expired)

Here's a whopping 75 gags, jokes and observations from this year's festival. If you didn't like the last one, move on the next.

WOW247, 24th August 2016

Interview: J J Whitehead - Fool Disclosure

Jason John Whitehead interview.

Rosie Gillott, Fresh Air, 24th August 2016

Jason John Whitehead: 10 Edinburgh Fringe questions

Jason John Whitehead answers 10 questions about his 2016 Edinburgh Fringe show.

British Comedy Guide, 22nd August 2016

Fringe Q&As: Jason John Whitehead

Jason John Whitehead talks about his new show, Fool Disclosure.

The Herald, 14th August 2016

Jason John Whitehead's most memorable gigs

My first gig was at The Stand Comedy Club in Edinburgh in 1998.

Chortle, 4th August 2016

Q and A with comedian JJ Whitehead

Interview with Jason John Whitehead.

Lucy Moore, Female First, 3rd August 2016

Jason John Whitehead on audiences worldwide (Link expired)

Here he divulges all, on the best (...and worst) venues and audiences worldwide... and why Edinburgh will always be unique

Jason John Whitehead, WOW247, 27th July 2016

Jason John Whitehead: Edinburgh Fringe 2016 interview

Canadian comic Jason John Whitehead returns to the Edinburgh Fringe after five years away.

Laugh Out London, 8th July 2016

Jason John Whitehead interview

Jason John Whitehead chats to the BCG...

British Comedy Guide, 16th August 2011

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