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Jack Whitehall

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Armageddon at last approaches in Neil Gaiman's handsome, but somehow inert, fantasy comedy: tornadoes are blowing, God is speaking and Jack Whitehall's accidental witchfinder responds to the looming end of the world in the way all virgins should. Plus, the antichrist finally reveals himself.

Jack Seale, The Guardian, 5th February 2020

Jack Whitehall - Stood Up - review - Manchester Arena

Stood Up possibly isn't Jack Whitehall's best work, but it showcases why fan's love him.

Aberrant Perspectives, 22nd December 2019

Art exhibition showcasing work by comedians opens

Art Is The Best Medicine, an exhibition showcasing the artwork of comedians, has opened in London. It runs until 20th December.

British Comedy Guide, 13th December 2019

Jack Whitehall review

It is certainly not underpowered. Whitehall gives every routine total commitment, acting out punchlines, falling to the floor or gesticulating like a loon. But the material lacks the painstaking attention to detail and finesse of previous tours.

Bruce Dessau, Evening Standard, 27th November 2019

Jack Whitehall review

I suppose the overriding question when faced with such a half-baked set is: why bother? Whitehall has established himself as a more-than-decent actor and an endearing TV personality. He doesn't particularly need stand-up, and on this evidence, it doesn't need him either.

Josh Stephenson, Metro, 27th November 2019

Jack Whitehall review

Jack Whitehall struggles to get going at Arena Birmingham.

Keri Trigg, The Express and Star, 27th November 2019

Review: Jack Whitehall: Stood Up

An out of touch show from a comic who displays some surprisingly reactionary viewpoints with little to say.

Jay Richardson, The List, 26th November 2019

Jack Whitehall: Stood Up review

Stood Up is a disappointingly tepid affair, a swathe of unexceptional observations, only occasionally enlivened with a first-hand anecdote, that leaves an underwhelming feeling that he's just going through the motions.

Steve Bennett, Chortle, 25th November 2019