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How mojo thinking scored Trinity Mirror a top-shelf pod

As podcast ideas go, it was a cracker. Make a six-part show about Black Mirror and release the entire series for fans to binge on as an accompaniment to the show's fourth season on Netflix. That was the genesis of Black Mirror Cracked, the brainchild of Trinity Mirror's editorial trainer Suchandrika Chakrabarti. She also championed the idea of "mojo" thinking, which leverages relatively inexpensive and accessible tools to create compelling content.

Digital Content Next, 27th April 2018

#EdFringe17 Comedy Q&A: Rachel and Ruby from SHELF

Shelf: Boys is a comedy show where double act Shelf explore gender, sexuality and mental health with sketches, songs and a boyband.

Martin Walker, Broadway Baby, 27th July 2017

Fringe fresh: Shelf

Meet Rachel Watkeys Dowie and Ruby Clyde, a comedy double act who intersperse witty dialogue with sketches and songs.

Carrie Lyell, Diva Mag, 24th July 2015

Audio: Shelf interview

Broadway Baby Comedy editor, Martin Walker, talks to Rachel Watkeys Dowie and Ruby Clyde - aka the double act SHELF.

Martin Walker, Broadway Baby, 23rd June 2015

Stewart Lee: my life on the shelf

What happens to a man who compulsively collects comics, books, records and CDs? He becomes very good at building shelves... Comedian Stewart Lee on the challenges and hazards of extreme storage.

Stewart Lee, The Observer, 1st August 2010

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