Gideon Beresford

Gideon Beresford is an actor, writer, director, producer and editor.

Member of


Year Production Role
2021 Juice (as Rosco 5) Announced Director
2020 Hex Shop (as Rosco 5) In Development Director
2020 The Neighbour Editor
2020 Seeds of Love Man
2020 Seeds of Love (as Rosco 5) Writer
2020 Seeds of Love (as Rosco 5) Director
2020 Seeds of Love (as Rosco 5) Producer
2020 Mondeo Writer
2020 Mondeo Director
2019 Insecurity Questions Writer
2019 Insecurity Questions Director
2019 Insecurity Questions (as Rosco 5) Producer
2018 A trip to the dentist with a satisfying ending Director

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