Radio Times review

When you've clocked up as many great performances as Gary Oldman, you can afford a bit of silly stuff, and his new movie is silly with a cult twist. He stars in the remake of 1987's cyborg sci-fi RoboCop as Dr Dennett Norton, the creator of the freaky man-machine with a nipped-in waist and a surprising fondness for free will. In common with many of Oldman's characters, Dr Norton looks like he smells of old coffee - a nice match with Nick Frost, whose role as tubby wannabe Latin dancer Bruce in new British romcom Cuban Fury seems to be powered mainly by iced buns.

Graham Norton will bring them together in a frenzy of near-the-knuckle jokes and slyly clever questions. He'd do well, though, to avoid the subject of the one role they (almost) have in common: the antihero of Martin Amis's Money, John Self, who eluded Oldman but came to Frost with pretty dire results.

Emma Sturgess, Radio Times, 7th February 2014