Elf Lyons. Copyright: Andy Hollingworth.

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Elf Lyons review

I'm not sure how much one actually learns about economics, but as a loopy, unique mash-up Chiffchaff is bang on the money.

Bruce Dessau, Evening Standard, 26th March 2019

Elf Lyons on the true cost of stand-up

After a Franglais Swan Lake, the comic explains economics with sex dolls in ChiffChaff. She talks about loving horror, how guinea pigs helped her through illness and standing up for comedians.

Chris Wiegand, The Guardian, 18th March 2019

Standups on their most disastrous dates

A night in a cemetery, a trip to a strip club, five hours in A&E ... comics relive their woeful romantic rendezvous.

The Guardian, 14th February 2019

Elf Lyons on having spinal surgery

'After spinal surgery, I have to be very aware of what I can and can't do'.

Bruce Dessau, Evening Standard, 3rd January 2019

What are you going to do once the Fringe is over?

Now it's time to curl up and cry.

Chortle, 25th August 2018

Three to see on 15 Aug

Three recommended shows to see on Wednesday 15 Aug...

ThreeWeeks, 15th August 2018

The best of what's on at the festival

The best in Edinburgh.

The Times, 12th August 2018

Who are the unsung heroes of the Fringe?

Little known Fringe heroes.

Chortle, 12th August 2018