Ed Miliband

Meet the‚Äč hosts of Britain's most candid podcasts

Double (and triple) act podcasters share the stories behind their irreverent shows.

The Guardian, 8th June 2019

Podcast review: Richard Herring podcast

Just think. In a parallel universe Richard Herring could have been asking the Prime Minister if he had ever tried to suck his own cock.

Bruce Dessau, Beyond The Joke, 1st December 2017

The Last Leg: Re-United Kingdom review

The message running through the evening was that, following the example of Jo Cox, we should seek to set aside our differences and remember what we have in common.

Ed Power, The Telegraph, 17th June 2017

Russell Brand admits his call for revolution failed

Russell Brand has finally admitted his attempted revolution was a flop and he fears he lost the 2015 election for Labour by befriending Ed Miliband.

The Sun, 18th September 2016

Bill Bailey interview

The comedian on his part in Ed Miliband's downfall, and a lightbulb moment at a funeral.

Oscar Quine, The Independent, 27th November 2015

Was Ed Miliband nearly pranked by Glitchy?

Ed Miliband has revealed that he thinks a TV production company attempted to trick him into appearing on a fictional show.

Bruce Dessau, Beyond The Joke, 27th October 2015

Adam Hills on Piers Morgan, Nick Clegg & Ed Miliband

Hills returns with co-hosts Josh Widdicombe and Alex Brooker and, as well as admitting the show can come together as close as half an hour before broadcast, he dished on everything from his bromance with guest and former Deputy PM Nick Clegg, to almost unbooking Piers Morgan...

Emma Daly, Radio Times, 25th June 2015

Naomi Hefter: May 1983

Edinburgh festival is creeping upon us. Which venue are you at? How many weeks are you there for? Have you done your flyers, your posters, your promotion, and your press release? Comedians are talking about this just as much as everyone has been talking about Ed Miliband's strange plasticine face. I on the other hand had decided on Camden festival this year. A smaller fringe but no less exciting. I've heard some wonderful things about the Camden fringe comedy festival.

Naomi Hefter, The Huffington Post, 18th May 2015