Dave Bibby. Copyright: Karla Gowlett
Dave Bibby

Dave Bibby

  • English
  • Actor, writer, director, script editor, comedian, stand-up comedian, musical comedian, presenter, entertainer, promoter, podcaster and improviser

Video clips

Dave Bibby at BCG Pro 2021 final

Dave Bibby at the BCG Pro Performance Awards 2021 final (held at the Museum Of Comedy on Friday 25th March 2022).

When Fans Forget How To Fan

Fans are returning to sport... but can anyone remember what to do?

Alternative Goal Celebrations For Footballers

Here's some some more suitable goal celebration ideas in the time of covid.

Dave Bibby: New Online Comedian of the Year 2020

Comedian Dave Bibby performs his winning set from The New Online Comedian of the Year Final 2020.

Dave Bibby - The Cheese Song

Dave Bibby sings a song about his first love... cheese.

What's In The Box? - Episode Fourteen

"The Strap Without The Strap On", with Julian Lee, Dave Bibby and Cristina Lark.

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