Gifted & Gallus. Alan (Darren Connell)
Darren Connell

Darren Connell

  • Actor, stand-up comedian and writer

Video clips

Scot Squad - Bobby's Euros Team

Bobby can't wait for England vs Scotland Euros match - but Officer Karen's taken aback when she finds out what team he's supporting...

Scot Squad - Bobby's New Glasses

Officer Karen is taken aback by Bobby's interesting fashion choice.

Gifted & Gallus - Face Filters

There's always one friend that has to overdo it with the filters...

Gifted & Gallus - Your gran on social media

When your gran gets into social media...

Scot Squad - Shereen Nanjiani visits Officer Karen

Officer Karen gets a wee surprise when Shereen Nanjiani visits Scot Squad HQ!

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