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Comedy Central Live - Dan Tiernan

Dan Tiernan's sister may have cancer but 'she'd rather have that than whatever he's got' (his words).

Funraisers - Episode Four

Dan Tiernan and TikTok star GK Barry go head to head in a series of embarrassing challenges involving the unsuspecting general public. The pair are tasked with becoming shop window mannequins and personal trainers for hire, but can they raise enough fun to impress their twisted taskmaster, Tom Ward?

Comedy Central Live - Dan Tiernan

Dan Tiernan tells Comedy Central Live about his dinner lady side hustle, having dyspraxia and why his school's dance squad 'Neurodiversity' were awful!...

Guessable? - This game is going to get me cancelled

The comedians go 'out on a limb'...

Guessable? - Nish Kumar is arrested

Nish Kumar, Darren Harriott, Amy Gledhill and Dan Tiernan are providing the clues, but can Kiri Pritchard-McLean and Alan Davies guess correctly in a round of 'Get Your Act Together'.

Captive Audience - Episode One

Dan Tiernan, Jacob Hawley and Sikisa attempt to make strangers laugh in an Escape Room, but their comedy routines don't land quite as well on unwitting strangers who are just looking to solve the puzzle.

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