Craig Hill.

Craig Hill

Craig Hill is an actor and stand-up comedian.


Year Production Role
2021 The Good, The Bad And The Unexpected - Series 7
  1. E5 - Episode Five
2020 Glasgow International Comedy Festival Self
2019 Craig Hill: Bottoms Up! Self
2019 Henley Festival Self
2018 Craig Hill: C'mon the Lads! Self
2017 Craig Hill: Someone's Gonna Get Kilt! Self
2016 Craig Hill: Up and Coming! Self
2015 Craig Hill: Playing With My Selfie! Self
2014 Craig Hill: Give Him an Inch... Self
2013 Craig Hill - Tartan About! Self
2012 Craig Hill - Jock's Trap! Self
2011 Craig Hill - Blown By a Fan...! Self
2010 Craig Hill: Why Don't You Come Down The Front? Self
2009 Personal Affairs
  1. E1 - A Decent Proposal
Archie Bent
Henley Festival Self

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