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What happened to impressionists? There was a time when it was the blue-chip form of light entertainment, and no weekend or Christmas was complete without a special. But the steam seems to have gone out of it a little these days. The Impressions Show has its moments (Debra Stephenson gets that mad vamp off Dragons' Den to a T and Jon Culshaw nails Paul McCartney and Prince Charles). But all too often if you close your eyes you wouldn't have a clue who was being lampooned. It gives an impression of being entertaining, but not always a convincing one.

Tom Sutcliffe, The Independent, 3rd November 2011

Prince Charles is not amused

He's known for having a distinctive sense of humour - but the Prince of Wales is right to denounce today's cruel comedians, says Max Davidson.

Max Davidson, The Telegraph, 1st October 2010

Prince Charles blasts witless smut and cruel comedians

The mad-cap humour of The Goons has been held up by the Prince of Wales as an antidote to comics who use 'cruelty and smut' to get a laugh.

Daily Mail, 30th September 2010

Prince Charles 'saw Richard Bacon laugh at funeral'

Richard Bacon has revealed that Prince Charles caught him laughing during the Queen Mother's funeral.

Christian Tobin, Digital Spy, 22nd September 2010

Stephen Fry is a national treasure says Prince Charles

Stephen Fry was hailed as a national treasure who has "enhanced our lives" by the Prince of Wales as he was honoured at the National Television Awards.

Anita Singh, The Telegraph, 21st January 2010

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