Becky Fury
Becky Fury

Becky Fury

  • Stand-up comedian
Becky Fury
Becky Fury is a stand-up comedian.

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Morecambe Fringe Festival Prizes 2019
Lookout! Award: Winner
Malcolm Hardee Awards 2016
Cunning Stunt: Winner


Year Production Role
2022 C*nt! Coming Soon Self
2022 Brighton Fringe Self
2020 What's In The Box?
  1. E19 - Episode Nineteen
2019 Becky Fury's One Hour To Save The World (in 55 Minutes) Self
2018 Becky Fury - Apocoloptimist Self
2017 Molotov Cocktail Party Self
2016 Molotov Cocktail Party Self
2015 Molotov Cocktail Party Self
2014 Becky Fury: Love In The Afternoon Self
2012 Becky Fury (+ Support) Self

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