Andrew Shire

Andrew Shire is an actor, writer, producer and comedian.


Year Production Role
2018 The Stupendous Steve Drew
2018 Questions straight white males are fed up of being asked Man
2018 Nivea For Men Body Shave advert Ensemble Actor
2017 Pray For Tree Man Gareth (Tree Man)
2017 Pray For Tree Man Writer
2017 They're Watching Masked Man
2017 Clifford Sinclair caught in the act Clifford Sinclair
2017 Complaining about your takeaway Eataroo boss
2016 Wingman Advert Shirt Man
2016 Wingman Advert Writer
2016 Stakeout McGuffen
2016 A Lonely Man Builder
2016 #Snowman Drew
2016 Bodies Man
2016 Bodies (as Broken Toaster) Writer
2016 Bodies (as Broken Toaster) Producer
2015 The Durham Revue: Cirque du SillĂ˝ Self

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