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Adam Deacon interview

Adam Deacon, director of Sumotherhood, on beating Harvey Weinstein at the BAFTAs, living with bipolar, and his legal battle with Noel Clarke.

Craig McLean, The Telegraph, 19th October 2023

Sumotherhood review

Wobbly plot is held up by great performances - and cameos - in London gangster flick.

Dan Carrier, Camden New Journal, 12th October 2023

Sumotherhood review

An entertaining shambles - with a deranged Ed Sheeran cameo.

Tim Robey, The Telegraph, 12th October 2023

Sumotherhood review

Jeremy Corbyn (briefly) turns movie star in this overstuffed spoof.

Clarisse Loughrey, The Independent, 12th October 2023

Sumotherhood review

Adam Deacon's Avuvahood follow-up falls flat.

Victoria Luxford, City AM, 12th October 2023

Sumotherhood review

At times the tone is over the top, with characters shouting their way through scenes, and there are moments when silliness takes over and the humour becomes childish. Nevertheless, the movie is overall entertaining, has box-office quality and is refreshing in that it speaks of (and to) the urban scene with a mocking voice that is highly empathetic at heart.

Mersa Auda, The Upcoming, 12th October 2023

Sumotherhood review

Adam Deacon's Anuvahood follow-up misses the mark.

Ryan Gilbey, The Guardian, 12th October 2023

Behind the scenes on Brit action-comedy Sumotherhood

The follow-up to 2011 goofball gang drama parody Anuvahood, it's taken years of perseverance and the goodwill of the UK's entertainment industry to get Adam Deacon's latest film on screens. And now that he's conquered his demons, he's ready to make us laugh at them.

Olive Pometsey, The Face, 10th October 2023

Linda Robson & Dapper Laughs shoot crime comedy film Bermondsey Tales

Currently shooting in London, gangster comedy film Bermondsey Tales stars Gary Webster and an eclectic supporting cast, including Linda Robson, Dapper Laughs, John Hannah, Vicki Michelle, Ricky Grover, Vas Blackwood and Maisie Smith.

British Comedy Guide, 10th June 2023

Top cast join Adam Deacon film Sumotherhood

Jennifer Saunders, Peter Serafinowicz, London Hughes and Ed Sheeran have joined the cast of Adam Deacon's action comedy Sumotherhood, as production on the film gets underway in London.

British Comedy Guide, 1st February 2022

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