Jurgen, an awkward nuclear scientist, has noticed that everyone is obsessed with a new toy called the Mubu. But there's something not right about them, and Jurgen is determined to work out what's going on and where they came from.

Raphael Wakefield (as Raph Wakefield) Despicable Man
Archie Henderson Jurgen
Henry Perriment Kevin
Luke Sumner Baxter Carmichael
Hunter Allen Party Guest 1
Hugo Schlesinger Party Guest 2
Ben Pope Lagging Man
Georgina Thomas Jogger 1
Joshan Chana Jogger 2
Charlie Merriman Jogger 3
Eleanor Colville BezzleEzzle
Ellen Robertson Lifehacks Angel
Oliva Le Andersen Business Queen
Aziz Vora Dumpee
Joe Barnes Rugby Lad 1
Sam Knights Rugby Lad 2
Alex MacKeith Bjorn
John Tothill Vicar
Adrian Gray Adrian
Biba Kang Door Custodian
Iona Gaskell Party Host
Louisa Keight Sandwich Muncher
Philipp Kostelecky Mugger
Ted Hill Muggee
Tom Flynn Mubu Lover
Luisa Callander Mubu Couple 1
Jack Chisnall Mubu Couple 2
Writing team
Archie Henderson Writer
Adrian Gray Writer

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