Noel Wrighter : Screenwriter. Noel Wrighter (Michael Wheeler).

Noel Wrighter : Screenwriter

YouTube sitcom about an aspiring screenwriter. 8 episodes (1 series) in 2016. Stars Michael Wheeler, Ben Mills and Rachael Beauchamp.

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Series 1

1. Walking on the Beaches

First published: Tuesday 29th March 2016

We are introduced to Noel Wrighter and his passion for screenwriting, as he takes us on a tour of his hometown, Southend-On-Sea.


2. Outside the Actors Studio

First published: Tuesday 5th April 2016

Noel meets up with two local actors, Rachael and Stephen, to do a read-through of one of his original scripts.


3. An Old Can of Sprite

First published: Tuesday 12th April 2016

Noel shows Rachael and Stephen the outdoor area that they will be performing in and emphasises the importance of utilising all available space as an actor.


4. (Emotional) Hostage of War

First published: Tuesday 19th April 2016

The trio finally go over Noel's script and the entire read-through threatens to fall apart when Stephen confronts Noel about his behaviour.


5. I Think There Should Be A Kiss

First published: Tuesday 26th April 2016

Noel takes the place of the departed Stephen and tries to convince Rachael that the script read-through would be more authentic if there was a greater sense of intimacy between them.


6. Bacon Bits

First published: Thursday 5th May 2016

Noel meets up with Rachael again to try and convince her to star in his short film.


7. Just Sex Scenes

First published: Thursday 12th May 2016

The day of the film shoot has arrived but Noel hasn't finished the script and it's only half an hour until Rachael arrives.


8. How's It Going Sam?

First published: Thursday 19th May 2016

We finally see the short film that Noel and Rachael have made and witness the fallout as Rachael isn't happy with the end results.