Tom Little launches anxiety sitcom Don't Overthink It

Monday 3rd July 2023, 10:19am by Jay Richardson

Don't Overthink It. Tom (Tom Little)

Tom Little has written and stars in a loosely autobiographical sitcom, featuring a host of upcoming comedians.

Ten-part web series Don't Overthink It follows a single stressful day in Tom's life and co-stars comics Jain Edwards as his girlfriend Kate. Sunil Patel, Celya AB, Chris Cantrill, Sam O'Leary, Roisin O'Mahony, Lola Stephenson, Lenny Sherman, Red Richardson, Waleed Akhtar, Mark Silcox, Hamish Lloyd Barnes, Rajiv Karia and Christian Brighty appear in guest roles.

Released on online platform and across their YouTube and Facebook channels every Thursday for 10 weeks, starting this Thursday, the series is also being screened as a 40-minute film on Wednesday in London for select invited guests.

Each episode of Don't Overthink It sees anxious, 30-something Tom worrying about literally everything, asking big questions like "should I have to share my crisps?" as he navigates his way through the endless horrors of a mundane existence, filled with surreal flights of fancy and narrated by his inner monologue.

Don't Overthink It. Image shows left to right: Kate (Jain Edwards), Tom (Tom Little)

"I know I'm biased but I truly believe Don't Overthink It was made by the most talented bunch of people to ever exist and what we have created is the crowning achievement of the human species" Little said. "This is it: Humanity's peak. I simply cannot think of anything more tragic than someone not seeing our sitcom. Watch it as soon as you can. Everyone else is."

The former Leicester Mercury Comedian of the Year has made the sitcom with boutique comedy production company Daddy's SuperYacht (Sunil Patel: An Idiot's Guide To Cryptocurrency, It's What She Would Have Wanted), which was founded by Benjamin Sutton, Charlie Dinkin, Kevin Muyolo and Laura Shaw.

"Working on this web series with such an amazing cast and crew is a rare treat" said Sutton, who co-directs Don't Overthink It with Dinkin. "Tom has really captured the feelings of those everyday fears and anxieties I think we all have. The result is a really magical journey into our collective neuroses."

Meanwhile, Little will be returning to the Edinburgh Fringe with Tom Little: The Reliably Funny Comedian You Want To See, on daily at PBH's Free Fringe from 5th-27th August.

You can watch the trailer for Don't Overthink It here:

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