Bobby Chambrake's Soccer Skillz. Bobby Chambrake (Robbie Sunderland).

Bobby Chambrake's Soccer Skillz

YouTube sitcom about a footballer. 5 episodes (1 series) in 2019. Stars Robbie Sunderland.

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Series 1

1. Defence

First published: Sunday 19th May 2019

Bobby teaches us the secrets of defending, and a cheeky technique.


2. Offside

First published: Thursday 30th May 2019

The SS (Soccer Skillz) continue with Bobby Chambrake discussing the history of the offside rule and how to effectively use the offside trap in a match.


3. Cruyff Turn

First published: Tuesday 16th July 2019

Bobby gives a brief history of Dutch legend Cruyff and shows you how to perform the Cruyff turn.


4. Possession

First published: Tuesday 27th August 2019

Bobby shows us his own controversial technique for keeping possession and developing a relationship with the football.


5. Management

First published: Friday 8th November 2019

Chambrake has been given a job as manager! So here's everything you need to be a success in soccer coaching.