New Sitcom Broadcasting Online For Free

Friday 17th November 2006, 6:11am

Acting Up, a new six part sitcom, is being broadcast exclusively online for free.

The sitcom is about the world of casting agents, focusing on the daily grind of auditions for cheap, tacky adverts and corporate videos. Amid the rubbish ideas, bizarre clients, and deranged actors, it is up to main characters Rick Hucknall and his assistant Sue to find the right actor for - all too often - the wrong job.

The first installment is available to view via now. The episode, titled "Porn", focuses on Rick and Sue's attempts to find suitable actors to dub over a blue movie for dodgy client Tony Le Clair. Whilst it does contain adult references viewers should be reassured there is no nudity.

Episode two, "Stationery", sees the casting directors attempting to produce an advert for a stationery company which is similar to the Honda choir advert. The trouble is there will be fewer people in their choir and the budget is tiny... it is obvious to Rick from the word go that it's going to be a rubbish commercial. The second episode will be uploaded shortly. Like all the episodes of this new sitcom it will be free to view via, however you will need to login to their site to view episodes 2-6.

Acting Up was directed by's owner Craig Castell and written by Miles Moss and Steve Swift (who also play characters in the sitcom). They're distributing the sitcom for free as a showcase of what they can produce and also as a way of promoting the new video sharing website.

We wish them all the best of luck!

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