Worst Week of My Life USA?

Tuesday 7th August 2007, 8:08am

The CBS network in America has ordered a pilot episode of Mark Bussell and Justin Sbresni's British sitcom The Worst Week of My Life.

The Worst Week of My Life is a popular farce starring Ben Miller and Sarah Alexander. The episodes are based around the very unlucky Howard Steel who manages to get into all kinds of embarrassing situations when around his new wife Mel and her parents, Angela and Dick Cook (Alison Steadman and Geoffrey Whitehead). Three new episodes, based around the Cook family's Christmas, were shown on BBC1 last December.

The American pilot, which will be produced by CBS and British company Hat Trick Productions, will be called simply Worst Week. The farce is being adapted for an American audience by Matt Tarses who was previously on the writing team of Scrubs.

It should be noted it is not the first time that Hat Trick have tried to establish the comedy in the States - in 2005 the Fox network ordered a pilot however decided not to proceed with the show.

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