Live Comedy

Kevin Bridges: The Overdue Catch-Up

Kevin Bridges. Copyright: Andy Hollingworth
  • 15th Jul 2022 - 2nd Dec 2022
  • 14+

Kevin Bridges is thrilled to be back on tour and returns to the stage in 2022 with his hotly-anticipated new show.

The Overdue Catch-Up welcomes audiences in to the mind of one of the sharpest comedy talents the UK has to offer. With a career spanning an incredible 18 years, Kevin Bridges already has the life experience of a man twice his age, helping him to hit the nail on the head with his shrewd outlook on the modern world.

Kevin says: "Since we last spoke, a lot has changed in my life and - as we know - in this world of ours, but what hasn't changed is the fact that a crowd of people in a room together having a laugh usually makes for a fairly pleasant evening. I'm excited to be back out doing stand-up again and I'm looking forward to seeing you all - and some new people too. Simple as that. I'll see you up there, down there, over there, anywhere and wherever. Enjoy yer night".

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