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Josh Jones

Josh Jones

It was the first of times, it was the worst of times. This week's reminiscing jokesmith is Josh Jones, raised on the mean streets of Greater Manchester and now gracing the UK's finest cities - and Didcot - on his second UK tour, with the show Gobsmacked. It follows last year's big Edinburgh Fringe breakthrough and a Best Newcomer nomination for the show Waste of Space.

So how was this year's Edinburgh, after being the big new thing last time?

"Yeah I had a good Fringe, it feels good not to be one of the debuts and to be there just doing an hour," he admits, "it feels like a lot less pressure and my audience were really lovely."

That audience are hopefully not bringing the kids along, though, as Gobsmacked does get a bit spicy.

"The show is made up of a load of stories from my life and about growing up and being more confident in myself," Jones explains. "And yeah it's not the most family friendly, I talk quite openly about my dating life, so if you do have the tendency to be a little prudish then this show is probably not for you."

But if you don't: fill your boots. Now let's wade through Josh's first, worst and beyond.

Josh Jones. Credit: Jacob Hare

First gig?

It was in April or May in 2015, and I remember crying in the toilet before the gig because I was so nervous. There was only about 20 people there but I felt like Madonna.

Favourite show, ever?

Not one gig stands out, most of them are pretty fun to be honest, but I love tour shows so I'm guessing my favourite gigs are my Manchester tour shows, because the gig is fun and I don't have to travel.

Worst gig?

So I did a gig ran by this woman who did not do comedy but insisted on hosting the show. Whilst she was on stage she started dancing and pulled her back and could barely walk but she kept saying "the show must go on". So by the time I got on stage the paramedics were there and they were putting her on a carrier at the side of the stage whilst I was on.

Which one person influenced your comedy life most significantly?

Honestly there's loads of comedians who I really look up to. Michelle Wolf is probably the comedian who I'm liking the most at the moment, I think her latest special on Netflix is soooooo good!

And who's the most disagreeable person you've come across in the business?

Years ago, some person who works in the industry and was judging a competition came up to me and said 'you were good but you were very gay and also very Northern so you need to decide which one you are and stick it to it'. She thought she was giving me really good advice but she's obviously an absolute fucking idiot.

Josh Jones

Is there one routine/gag you loved, that audiences inexplicably didn't?

I've got a bit about Dreamcatcher that does not have the highest success rate but I've kept it because I love it.

It's supposed to be difficult, writing the second show - how did you find it?

Yeah it was pretty stressful, but it couldn't have been that stressful because I'm already writing the next show! I found it pretty addictive, the challenge of writing a show in a year, but also trying to make it better than last year's show. It's exciting.

Any reviews, heckles or post-gig reactions stick in the mind?

I mainly get mums trying to introduce me to their gay sons.

How do you feel about where your career is at, right now?

Yeah, really good, and now I'm just gonna keep writing new shows and slowly building on my audience even more :)

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