2022 Edinburgh Fringe

Comedy Poster Awards announce 2022 winners

Sunday 14th August 2022, 11:00pm

Jordan Gray

The publicity artwork for the 2022 Edinburgh Fringe shows starring Jordan Gray and Milo Edwards have picked up this year's Comedy Poster Awards prizes.

Each wins a pack of street poster placements for the 2023 Fringe, courtesy of the city council's authorised advertising partner, Out of Hand.

They say: "Out of Hand are proud to support these awards. Having witnessed so many different posters across the city, this is a great opportunity to see which ones have really made an impact with the public and stand out with great creative design."

Panel Award

The poster for Milo Edwards's Voicemail was declared winner of the Panel Award. It was photographed by Victor Pãtrãşcan and designed by Haiminh Le.

Milo Edwards

Milo said on winning: "The Comedy Poster Award is the big one, it's what everyone comes to the Fringe to win, with a close second being that 'Can you hang on this bar for 100 seconds?' thing on Bristo Square. It's wonderful that this reproduction of my face (which I grew myself) has resonated with the judges, but the real credit has to go to my amazing designer Haiminh Le and photographer Victor Pãtrãşcan."

Audience Award

The Audience Award - based on a public vote - was won by Jordan Gray's Is It A Bird?. It was designed by Gray, Dylan Woodley, and Jonny Woolley, and photographed by Woodley.

Jordan Gray

Jordan says: "Ello everybody. Oi, fanks for votin' for me - that's proper nice. I'm well chuffed.

"As a transgender woman, at a time that trans people are under attack so often - it's so lovely to know that the walls of Edinburgh city this year are plastered with my tits and penis.

"But the real heroes are Dylan Woodley and Jonny Woolley, along with my show's overlord [producer], Zach Zucker."

The results were announced at a ceremony in Edinburgh tonight at the Gilded Balloon Patter Hoose, organised by British Comedy Guide.

Awards founder, comedy producer Gina Lyons, comments: "We have two fantastic, very worthy winners for 2022 - both unique pieces of design, with Jordan Gray arising, phoenix-like, much like the resurgent post-covid Fringe itself. This larger-than-life presentation, coupled with striking use of text and colour, have helped draw audiences to her 5-star-rated show.

"Milo's poster, meanwhile, is much more muted in style and colour but a wonderful concept executed beautifully; these two winners show, perhaps, two extremes of the wide variety of artwork to be seen across Scotland's capital this summer, proving that the tumult witnessed since the 2019 Comedy Poster Awards has done nothing to dampen the creative brilliance of those photographers, designers, make-up artists, stylists and others working to fashion bold, exciting art for their clients' shows.

"What I love most about these awards is the fact they're judged solely on the finished design - the winner isn't decided by how much money they've spent getting their posters on walls around Edinburgh. It's truly fair, and as ever, I can't wait to see what next year's contest will have in store."

Comedy Poster Awards

The panel of judges, who voted on the posters independently for the Panel Award, comprised of marketing industry magazine Campaign editor Maisie McCabe; art director at Tommy, Pete Collins; and graphic designer and Head of Social & Production at Accelerated Intelligence, Julia McGill.

Gray's poster was also in the judges' shortlist for Panel Award, alongside Adam Flood: Clayhead, Krystal Evans: Kaleidoscope, Radu Isac: Pandemic and Sara Barron: Hard Feelings.

After a covid-enforced two-year absence, this was the sixth otherwise annual Comedy Poster Awards. In total, more than 200 posters were entered into the 2022 contest. They can all be viewed via the Comedy Poster Awards website

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