Edinburgh Fringe

Baby vomits when meeting Shamilton cast

Thursday 10th August 2023, 6:31pm

Shamilton! The Improvised Hip Hop Musical

To be honest, we probably don't need to write much to accompany this picture of a 'fan' meeting the cast of Shamilton! The Improvised Hip Hop Musical.

However, here is a bit of a helpful extra explanation from the cast: "After a performance of Shamilton, a couple came up to us with their baby who was in the audience during the show. The baby was quiet during the set, so we didn't know there was a baby present! When we gathered for a picture with the baby, they vomited the moment the picture was taken. Coincidence, or a silent protest of how horrible we were? Either way, it was a heck of a memorable moment."

If you want a selfie too - but ideally a clean one - Shamilton! The Improvised Hip Hop Musical continues at Assembly George Square Studios at 5:20pm until 27th August. EdFringe.com

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