Edinburgh Fringe

Catherine Cohen cancels Fringe run after stroke

Thursday 10th August 2023, 4:42pm

Catherine Cohen. Credit: Evan Murphy

Catherine Cohen has suffered a mini-stroke, forcing the cancellation of her Fringe run.

The 2019 Edinburgh Comedy Award winner was due to perform her latest hour, Come For Me, in Edinburgh between Monday 14th and Sunday 27th August.

Writing from her home, the American comic posted on Instagram today: "I suffered a mini-stroke last week that was apparently caused by a congenital heart defect I never knew I had!!

"Thankfully my doctors can easily close the hole in my heart (lol) with a simple procedure but unfortunately this means I have to stay in NYC and cancel my Edinburgh Fringe shows. Obviously I am devastated, but mostly feel very happy to be alive and grateful that there's a quick fix to this issue that will have me performing again very soon."

Whilst not a major name in Britain, as a previous Edinburgh Award winner she enjoys a substantial following and had been booked into one of the largest venues in the city.

A recording of the award-winning The Twist...? She's Gorgeous was made for Netflix and published last year by the streamer.

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