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Objectively dubious The Laura Awards launch in Edinburgh

Sunday 16th July 2023, 4:19pm

The Laura Awards

A new set of awards are due to launch at this year's Edinburgh Festival, although their objectivity looks set to be dubious.

Comedian Alex Franklin explains: "Basically my housemate Laura is coming up to Edinburgh for two weeks and we thought it'd be funny to set up an award entirely based on her individual and sometimes incredibly irrational opinions. She has no comedy experience, and no links to the comedy industry. We aim to get an eventual prize fund of £1 billion."

Laura's movements can be followed through Twitter account @TheLauraAwards

Additionally, these FAQs have been issued to help answer any questions comedians might have...

What is the Laura Awards?

Our housemate Laura is heading up to Edinburgh Fringe for two weeks, and will see a bunch of shows. She will then nominate some, and choose the winner. A (£50?) prize shall be awarded to her favourite. The nominees will receive nothing.

What are the categories of the Laura Awards?

Whatever Laura feels. We shall keep you updated on her whims and decisions.

What are the judging metrics of the Laura Awards?

Laura's reasons for her likes and dislikes are shrouded in mystery, and may at times seem to have no logical basis. She once told me her favourite film was the Good Dinosaur, and that she didn't like Harry Potter as she thought it was 'too much'. Nevertheless, we should not question her, as Laura, much like God, works in mysterious ways.

Does winning the Laura Award mean that your show was the best Edinburgh Fringe show this year?

Categorically yes.

Won't Laura just give Alex the Laura Award as she's Alex's housemate?

Current experts believe Laura thinks Alex's work to be good, but not exemplary, so this would be unlikely.

The Laura Awards

Does winning the Laura Award provide me a stepping stone to a career in comedy?

Laura has no tangible links to the comedy industry - however, winning will mean you will become frequently mentioned in the WeWork office in Camden (where she often resides).

How will I know if Laura has come to my show?

She will be in the audience. Also we will keep track of her movements as best we can.

Is there a prize?

Currently the prize might be £50, but Laura may spend some of that money on a night out before the winner is announced, in which case it would decrease. However, we will still try increasing the prize pool until it reaches its hopeful final aim of £1,000,000,000.

Can I encourage Laura to come to my show for the Laura Awards?

You may, but it may not work. Sometimes she may also wish to come to your show, but won't be able to, due to hanging with friends, brunch, or other commitments.

What are some things that Laura does like so I can get a sense of tone?

Laura recently watched Succession, and quite liked it, but she hated the first few episodes and thought they were really bad. She has also seen Jack Whitehall live, as well as the DJ Partiboi69. This should give a sense of vibe.

Is this real?

Yes. We're booking out a venue for the awards ceremony.

Genuinely is this real?

Actually yes. Good luck.

Update: The winners

The nominees, as determined by Laura, were:

(High) Altitude - Laura McMahon
Alice Cockayne: I Showered Before I Came
Rosalie Minnitt: Clementine
Diana: The Untold and Untrue Story
Su Mi: Banana Beard
My Dad Wears a Dress (by Maria Telnikoff)
Julia Masli: ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Rosalie Minnitt and Maria Telnikoff were declared the runners-up, with Diana: The Untold and Untrue Story announced by Laura as the winner. Diana performer Linus Karp was presented with a trophy and marrow...

The Laura Awards 2023: Linus Karp picking up the trophy

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