Edinburgh Fringe

A Little Killing Hurts No One

  • Comedy (stand-up)
  • 5:40pm (60 mins)
  • 15-27 Aug
  • Eastside (The Lounge)
  • Free (pay what you want)
Little Killing Hurts No One. Mustafa Algiyadi
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This show operates under the pay what you want (PWYW) model. To guarantee entry, buy a ticket in advance (from EdFringe.com). Ticket-holders will be seated first. Any empty seats will then be filled from the free queue, with those in this queue asked to leave a donation at the end.


164: Eastside
Room: The Lounge

This show is also performed at other venues. See details below.


The Brighton Fringe sell-out show is coming to Edinburgh Fringe. Mustafa Algiyadi manoeuvres through the European way of life from the lens of an Arab, longing so bad to be part of it, yet confronted with some cultural differences that make it... confusing! If you are up for deconstructing people's behaviours, talk about war, religion, meditation, velvet sofas and to learn that maybe some killing is not so bad after all, then you've got to see this stand-up comedy show and enjoy all that with laughters along the way.

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Strong language/swearing.



Date Time Venue
15th Aug 11:10 Paradise in Augustine's (The Snug)
16th Aug 11:10 Paradise in Augustine's (The Snug)
17th Aug 11:10 Paradise in Augustine's (The Snug)
18th Aug 11:10 Paradise in Augustine's (The Snug)
19th Aug 11:10 Paradise in Augustine's (The Snug)
20th Aug 17:40 Eastside (The Lounge)
21st Aug 17:40 Eastside (The Lounge)
22nd Aug 17:40 Eastside (The Lounge)
23rd Aug 17:40 Eastside (The Lounge)
24th Aug 17:40 Eastside (The Lounge)
25th Aug 17:40 Eastside (The Lounge)
26th Aug 17:40 Eastside (The Lounge)
27th Aug 17:40 Eastside (The Lounge)

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