Edinburgh Fringe

How to Live a Jellicle Life: Life Lessons from the 2019 Hit Musical Cats

  • Comedy (multimedia)
  • 9:40pm (60 mins)
  • 17-20 & 22-27 Aug
  • Pleasance Dome (AceDome)
  • £12 - £14
How to Live a Jellicle Life: Life Lessons from the 2019 Hit Musical Cats. Linus Karp
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23: Pleasance Dome
Room: AceDome

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A show that provides a jellicle discussion about the jellicle aspects of the jellicle cats in Cats and how you can apply them to your life in order to make it truly jellicle. Expect jellicle laughs, jellicle dance and a very jellicle PowerPoint presentation. An award-winning evening of queer chaos brought to you by the team from Diana: The Untold and Untrue Story - no previous Cats knowledge required. 'So much FUN' (James Graham). 'Twink' (Deborah Frances-White).

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This show will contain audience participation, scenes of a sexual nature and strong language.



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Date Time Venue
17th Aug 21:40 Pleasance Dome (AceDome)
18th Aug 21:40 Pleasance Dome (AceDome)
19th Aug 21:40 Pleasance Dome (AceDome)
20th Aug 21:40 Pleasance Dome (AceDome)
22nd Aug 21:40 Pleasance Dome (AceDome)
23rd Aug 21:40 Pleasance Dome (AceDome)
24th Aug 21:40 Pleasance Dome (AceDome)
25th Aug 21:40 Pleasance Dome (AceDome)
26th Aug 21:40 Pleasance Dome (AceDome)
27th Aug 21:40 Pleasance Dome (AceDome)

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