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Bob Doolally - Still Alive

Bob Doolally - Still Alive. Paul Sneddon
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7: The Stand's New Town Theatre
Room: Lower Hall

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Despite rumours to the contrary, Bob Doolally is very much still alive. And still angry and probably also very drunk. The legendary ex-footballer cum pundit cum non-recovering alcoholic returns with more drink-fuelled musings on the ugly side of the beautiful game. Expect some off-the-wall left-field predictions on the upcoming season and profane reminiscences of some of the great players in the game. Plus Bob's ever-popular audience Q&A, where any question can be asked and any answer will be given. Fans of Douglas Ross should stay away.

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Strong language/swearing.


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Date Time Venue
15th Aug 18:30 The Stand's New Town Theatre (Lower Hall)

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