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2022 Edinburgh Fringe

Mark Watson: Work In Progress

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313: Monkey Barrel Comedy (The Hive)
Room: Hive 1

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Monkey Barrel Comedy

This show was also performed at other venues. See details below.


Still inching towards a new show despite everything else that's going on in life. This will be another few more steps towards the 2023 edition, but awkward steps in front of people. Like learning to ride a bike in the park. If you came last year, you may well feel thst things haven't moved on that far. But, as I say, a lot else has been going on. Anyway, it will be an enjoyable sixty minutes or thereabouts, with less backtracking and apology than usual. Maybe see you there. Yours, Mark Watson.

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Chortle, 27th July 2022


Date Time Venue
8th Aug 2022 12:00 Monkey Barrel Comedy (The Hive) (Hive 1)
11th Aug 2022 12:00 Monkey Barrel (Monkey Barrel 3)

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