Edinburgh Fringe

A French Jewish Queer

  • Comedy (stand-up)
  • 12:25am (60 mins)
  • 4-15 Aug
  • City Café (Nineties)
  • Free
A French Jewish Queer
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Entry to this show is free (there may be a donations bucket at the end) and unticketed so arrive early to secure your seat.


85: City Café
Room: Nineties

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Free Festival


Lisa is a French Jewish queer, or as the German say, the one that got away. So she figured she should talk about it. She's also a mother, but she thought the title would have been too long if she added this qualification to it.

It's a stand up comedy show by a French girl who doesn't really know in which box she fits the best. She is so off the wall, that she'll make you feel normal. She talks about babies, religion, sex, complains a lot (she can't help being Jewish), and is totally borderline!

Her little thing: the interaction with the audience, that makes the show a different experience each time: not to be missed!

Semi finalist of the American contest Ladies of Laughter (New York 2018), "Lisa Raduszynski, is a real little gem of female's humour" (***** Rire Féminin).

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Date Time Venue
4th Aug 00:25 City Café (Nineties)
5th Aug 00:25 City Café (Nineties)
6th Aug 00:25 City Café (Nineties)
7th Aug 00:25 City Café (Nineties)
8th Aug 00:25 City Café (Nineties)
9th Aug 00:25 City Café (Nineties)
10th Aug 00:25 City Café (Nineties)
11th Aug 00:25 City Café (Nineties)
12th Aug 00:25 City Café (Nineties)
13th Aug 00:25 City Café (Nineties)
14th Aug 00:25 City Café (Nineties)
15th Aug 00:25 City Café (Nineties)

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