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Leo Mohr: The Bilboquet Theory

Leo Mohr: The Bilboquet Theory. Leo Mohr
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This show operates under the pay what you want (PWYW) model. To guarantee entry, buy a ticket in advance. Ticket-holders will be seated first. Any empty seats will then be filled from the free queue and audiences asked to leave a donation at the end.


212: BlundaGardens: BlundaBus
Room: BlundaBus

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Leo Mohr finally reveals his secret to happiness and felicity. Join him for an hour of meditation and self-discovery. The show includes relaxation, beautiful music, learning and counting together. Do you know what a Bilboquet is? You will learn that too. After his debut show got one good review three years ago, he had the good idea to come back and try to get another review for his second show. So that's what he's doing. If you love Swiss people, you will love Leo. 'Nothing short of astonishing... a total joy to watch' **** (Fest).

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Date Time Venue
4th Aug 21:20 BlundaGardens: BlundaBus (BlundaBus)
5th Aug 21:20 BlundaGardens: BlundaBus (BlundaBus)
6th Aug 21:20 BlundaGardens: BlundaBus (BlundaBus)
7th Aug 21:20 BlundaGardens: BlundaBus (BlundaBus)
8th Aug 21:20 BlundaGardens: BlundaBus (BlundaBus)

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