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With All Jew Respect

With All Jew Respect. Henry Churniavsky
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39: theSpace on the Mile
Room: Space 1

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My show is about growing up, getting old and having an 88-year-old Jewish mother (now with no filter) who is making me 'Jewrotic' (neurotic and Jewish.) And the family don't help! I will cover from being 8 days old to being 63 and having a mid-life crisis somewhere in the middle. I discuss the menopause, having twins and organising a Jewish wedding (yes it is different as is Jewish Zoom!) Topics also include my wife, my dad, lockdown and surgical procedures (too many to mention now!)

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Date Time Venue
5th Aug 14:55 theSpace on the Mile (Space 1)
6th Aug 14:55 theSpace on the Mile (Space 1)
7th Aug 14:55 theSpace on the Mile (Space 1)

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