2022 Edinburgh Fringe

Zach Zucker plans to wow TV bigwigs

Zach Zucker. Copyright: Dylan Woodley

Zach Zucker is a one-man walking comedy-talent machine, but he's not here to just show you that. He's had more 5-star reviews at the Fringe than we've had hot dinners and now he's back with more sublime clowning, satirical jokes, subtle character comedy and risqué storytelling.

Previously, Gaulier trained clown Zach has brought us cult-phenomenon Fringe hit Zach & Viggo, an award-winning funk-opera, and his incredibly talented alter ego Jack Tucker. This time, he's exposing his real self on stage. Having spent the lockdown being a 'goddamn hero' by site managing one of the world's largest Covid test and vaccine centres in LA, he's back with a bang in Edinburgh and ready to overwhelm all of your senses, and those of the TV execs, in this brand-new show. Want to know how he plans to wow those telly bigwigs? Read on...

In a fight between Gaulier-trained clowns and top class stand-ups, who would win?

I am 6'7, 350 lbs and have a wing span of a hawk. I can't speak for all Gaulier-trained clowns but I would be willing to fight any comedian at the Edinburgh Fringe. In fact, I will only fight the top class stand-ups at the festival, and I'll kick their ass 8 out of 10 times. The only problem is, there are no "top class" stand-ups in the festival, so it looks like I'll just be fighting against myself this Fringe.

What's missing from television these days?

Diverse, risqué voices, particularly 29-year-old bisexual Jewish males who happen to identify as nomadic clowns named Zach. I hear they're extremely funny and entertaining individuals who would be a wonderful addition for audiences all around the world... But that's just something I heard.

Zach Zucker. Copyright: Dylan Woodley

What's the best way to wow a TV executive?

I feel like you're baiting me with this one, but if there's one thing about me, it's that I take the bait every single time. If you wanna wow a TV executive, you've got to have a tight little mouth. The kind that knows how to keep a secret and also knows what to do with a married man's cock. All I'm saying is you can't spell succeed without suck seed... if ya catch my drift ;)

Is it scientifically safe for you to include multiple genres in your show?

If there's one thing I've learned about living in America these past few years it's that science is stupid and nobody cares about it. Climate change? Yeah the climate is changing, you can't say ANYTHING anymore. Noise cancelling headphones?? Okay we're making headphones that CANCEL noise??!?!? What's wrong with these people??? SO, to answer your question, I've never made a safe choice in my life, and I'll be damned if I start doing that now.

What if anything, can't you do?

Let myself be loved by another.

Published: Thursday 21st July 2022

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