2022 Edinburgh Fringe

Rajiv Karia reveals his most useful skill is origami

Rajiv Karia. Copyright: Matt Stronge

Rising star and BBC New Comedian of the Year 2019 nominee Rajiv Karia will be venturing to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe this August with his eagerly anticipated debut show, Gallivant.

Describe yourself in 3 words.

Friendly, nice, good.

Tell us a little about your show...

Gallivant is a show about where you come from and figuring out what you want. It's an irreverent look at being a second-generation immigrant who doesn't really have any personal gripes. And there's a section about the importance of Pret A Manger in a modern society.

Rajiv Karia. Copyright: Matt Stronge

Who are your favourite comics?

It changes but I'm always going back to James Acaster, Tina Fey, Stuart Laws and Phil Wang. Alfie Brown, Rory Scovel and Maria Bamford more recently.

What are you hoping audiences will take away from your show?

Misunderstood wisdom and food puns.

What's your most useless skill?

I'm very good at origami and it speaks volumes about how I spent my teen years.

Published: Thursday 28th July 2022

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