2022 Edinburgh Fringe

Nic Sampson is set to narrate the story of a marathon

Nic Sampson

32 athletes entered a marathon, only 14 finished... What happened in between was a perfect storm of stupidity, cheating, raw eggs, wild dogs and rat poison. In his Edinburgh debut, New Zealand comedian Nic Sampson brings to life the incredible true story of one of the dumbest sporting events of all time.

Tell us more about your show...

It's about the 1904 Olympic Marathon in St. Louis, Missouri. It's a mad story about the most disastrous marathon in Olympic history, and the best part is it all really happened. I narrate the story of the marathon and also play some of the characters in the race. There's a lot of running, which to be honest I'm not prepared for.

How did you discover this story?

I just came across the story online by accident. I was in the middle of making another comedy show, but I couldn't stop thinking about it. I started doing research and the more I found out the more I felt compelled to make a show about this race! I'm not a historian or a runner, but I am an extremely skilled actor who can do up to four different voices.

What sport do you think they'll invent next?

Probably some new form of UFC that takes place in the Metaverse, one where you wrestle an avatar of Mark Zuckerberg for the chance to have your consciousness uploaded to his digital 'Brain Garden'. Or maybe there's a new swimming stroke we haven't come up with yet... Squidstyle?

Nic Sampson

How do audiences in the UK differ to the audiences in NZ?

New Zealand audiences can be a little reserved at times, whereas I've found the audiences in the UK to be loud, supportive, handsome, intelligent, and very eager to buy tickets to shows about Olympic marathons at Pleasance Courtyard during the Edinburgh Fringe.

What are you looking forward to at this year's Edinburgh Festival Fringe?

I'm looking forward to seeing a bunch of shows, especially ones from my pals Two Hearts, Eli Matthewson, James Roque, Ania Magliano, Celya AB and Paul Williams.

I'm also excited to be doing the hit late night NZ improv show SNORT at the Pleasance every night. And most of all I'm looking forward to getting a kiss on the forehead from the Mayor of Edinburgh in recognition of the success of my show!

Published: Monday 18th July 2022

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