2022 Edinburgh Fringe

Kylie Brakeman will be bringing Hollywood showbiz to Edinburgh

Kylie Brakeman. Copyright: Greg Feiner

Kylie Brakeman is Linda Hollywood. You're lucky, because she's gracing Edinburgh with her presence presenting a showcase of her favourite A-List celebrity friends.

In this debut hour, audiences will get a glimpse inside the world of a showbiz Hollywood career. There will be celebs, auditions, pitch meetings and even a movie. Kylie emerged as one of the pandemic's most popular online comedians and was named one of New York Times' 21 Great Performers of 2020 - alongside Zoƫ Kravitz, Andy Samberg and Cher. Yes, CHER. We were pleased to get to chat with Kylie ahead of her first appearance at the Fringe Festival.

Is being a Hollywood star a lot of work?

Hey, I'll let you know when I find out!

If you can make it in New York, can you really make it anywhere?

I think yes because I saw a pile of dead pigeons near my subway entrance once and I think it hardened me so much that I do not feel fear.

How do you start building a new character?

It usually starts with a weird phrase I can't stop repeating to myself in the car and then it becomes a person from there. Like if it's something like "Hello I'm the mailman and I'm super horny". I'm like, 'okay logically what else would Horny Mailman say?' And then expand out from there.

Kylie Brakeman. Copyright: Greg Feiner

Do you think anyone new will emerge from your experiences at Fringe?

God willing, I will at the very least come out of this being able to do a very offensive Scottish accent. But also yes, I feel like I generate the most material when I'm surrounded by lots of people all the time, so I'm hoping that'll happen with Fringe!

What two characters are you glad you will never have to have on stage at the same time?

Jafar from Aladdin and Ralph from Wreck It Ralph. Those guys would NOT get along.

Some of the characters I play a lot are a drunk 6-year-old divorcee who does stand-up comedy, as well as a sister wife who escaped a cult to do stand-up comedy, and if they were booked on the same show I think the club would get visited by the police.

Which character would you love to hang out with?

I've done a few wine mom characters and those women are always having a blast and coming up with creative ways to say they're somewhat alcoholic. I want what they have.

Published: Saturday 30th July 2022

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