2022 Edinburgh Fringe

Katie Pritchard is bringing the party to Edinburgh

Katie Pritchard. Copyright: Karla Gowlett

Katie Pritchard, winner of the Musical Comedy Awards 2019, is bringing the party to Edinburgh in her debut hour, Disco Ball. You better be ready to boogie...

Katie embraces her inner Le Freak and embarks on a journey of self-discovery in this bonkers hour of musical comedy. She's written the lyrics, recorded the backing tracks and even made the costumes herself. We at BCG had a blast talking to the multiskilled musician and self-confessed weirdo about her love for D.I.S.C.O.

Should audience members be dancing (yeah)?

I'm hoping for at least a little foot tap or shoulder roll as the songs are blaring out in the show, but there is honestly no pressure for anyone that absolutely hates dancing to dance! Honestly - don't feel scared about coming - it's a comedy show NOT your Year 6 end-of-year dance recital!

Dancing is encouraged, but definitely not enforced! My family are all teachers in some regards, and I am not because I am the one who cannot and should not be in charge of people!

However, any freestyle DISCO entrance that audience members might like to make as they come in for my show will be rewarded with the knowledge that they have absolutely made my day! Heck, I'll likely join in with them! And I'm also crossing my fingers that audience members will at least consider a cheeky little spring ball change or something as they leave the building after the show!

What's the philosophy of Katie Pritchard: Disco Ball?

Be yourself / it's ok to be silly / oh, and balls are fun! (Not those kinds of balls - like, proper balls. You get it!)

Katie Pritchard. Copyright: Karla Gowlett

What is the most transformative/comedic song?

...ever? ...of all time??!!!!!!!!! That is absolutely impossible to answer! Don't give me that! It might be Business Time by Flight of the Concords, it could be I've Got A New Walk from Mawaan Rizwan, it could be Let's Do It by Victoria Wood, it could possibly be World on Fire by Bo Burnham, or it could actually be a song that will be performed at this years' Fringe for the first time ever this year...WE JUST DON'T KNOW!! And that's why musical comedy is so darn cool!

At any given moment you could hear a comedy song that absolutely changes your life! It starts off as an ear worm, then you learn the lyrics and philosophy of the song, and then before you know it you're doing the song all the time - living it - recreating it - answering the phone to your best friend with the song and refusing to have a conversation with them, you just sing the song at them - requesting to perform it at karaoke nights - telling your colleague at work about it over an otherwise awkward coffee break - and then you'll likely research how to become your favourite musical comedian's top tribute act! I love it!

How hot does a disco inferno really get?

Well, if we're thinking logically about it, it can't be hot enough to cause a fire because no one would want to make a song THAT hot...surely?! But I reckon it's probably as hot as a UK heatwave day, but with a lovely sea breeze so it's not stifling. Like, you can still dance in it, and it's warm enough that your muscles are warm so you're super flexible and you don't pull any muscles, but not hot enough to make you have to sit a dance or two out because you got too hot and needed a break.

You know the temperature I'm describing! Like hot, but nice, and it's an inferno because the lights are turned on to red, and not because the heat is overwhelming. I reckon.

What's a more powerful force for good: comedy or disco?

What about: A FUSION OF THE TWO??!!!! Please come and see my show? (*imagine me posing to look like a little Disco angel as I typed that*) xoxox

Published: Monday 25th July 2022

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