2022 Edinburgh Fringe

Elf Lyons talks about being inspired by Stephen King

Elf Lyons

Half mad clown spectacle, half Hammer Horror - in Raven, Elf Lyons is set to become your own personal Pennywise as she merges horror techniques with old-school storytelling to make you burst into laughter and tremble in fear in the same breath...

How would you describe yourself?

Long. Calm most of the time. Very clumsy. Rather serious. A big reader. Unintentionally frightening.

Your show, Raven, is inspired by Stephen King. Could you elaborate on that?

Stephen King's novels have shaped my work as a comedian, my love of cinema and my understanding of the craft of writing.

Stephen King has also just helped me become a better person. I love his work ethic and his love of his craft. His novels have also helped me through periods of extreme difficulty. I love him and due to how prolific he is and how influential he is in pop culture, his work seemed like the perfect place to dive into when making a show inspired by horror. A show that can be both fun for horror lovers and accessible to those who know nothing about the genre.

Elf Lyons

Why mix comedy and horror?

Because they are siblings. They are the only two art forms that aim to create a full on kinetic and physiological reaction from their audience - they aim to control your heartbeat. That is a really exciting challenge as a performer. Good comedy is funny, bad comedy is terrifying. Good horror is terrifying, bad horror is funny. I like walking that line.

What's the scariest thing you've ever seen?

A bad stand-up.

What does being a clown mean to you?

It means being honest, being playful, being fearless, being ready to be disliked and occasionally having to hide in a drain or two.

Published: Saturday 23rd July 2022

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