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Ben Moor: Pronoun Trouble

Ben Moor: Pronoun Trouble. Ben Moor
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33: Pleasance Courtyard
Room: The Green

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Sitting in a lecture about a series of Chuck Jones cartoons, Ben's thoughts drift in various directions. He ponders his favourite mugs, T-shirts, words and books while the lecturer is quoting obscure academics and offering a different way of looking at the world. Topics include seasons, launderettes and mamihlapinatapai. A hilarious fact-adjacent talk about films, friendship and the human condition. Ben Moor (Queen's Gambit, IT Crowd) is a Herald Angel Award winner. 'A guaranteed cure for all forms of disillusionment' (Financial Times). 'Irreverent, inventive, beautiful' (Guardian). 'As a storyteller he is superb' (Scotsman). Two performances only!

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Date Time Venue
23rd Aug 14:45 Pleasance Courtyard (The Green)
24th Aug 14:45 Pleasance Courtyard (The Green)

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