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Bee Babylon: Once Upon a Time in Iceland

Bee Babylon: Once Upon a Time in Iceland. Bee Babylon
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This show operates under the pay what you want (PWYW) model. To guarantee entry, buy a ticket in advance. Ticket-holders will be seated first. Any empty seats will then be filled from the free queue and audiences asked to leave a donation at the end.


212: BlundaGardens: BlundaBus
Room: BlundaBus

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In 1810 a brave Scottish man named Sir George Steuart Mackenzie ventured all the way to Iceland with some pals. They went in search of adventure but found only scurvy. In this 40-minute show Icelandic comedian Bee Babylon takes you on a journey through this embarrassing period in Icelandic history: After the Vikings ruled the oceans and before her country collapsed the European economy. Back when the Danish were the worst, turf houses the best and old shoes were dinner.

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Date Time Venue
4th Aug 20:00 BlundaGardens: BlundaBus (BlundaBus)
5th Aug 20:00 BlundaGardens: BlundaBus (BlundaBus)
6th Aug 20:00 BlundaGardens: BlundaBus (BlundaBus)
7th Aug 20:00 BlundaGardens: BlundaBus (BlundaBus)
8th Aug 20:00 BlundaGardens: BlundaBus (BlundaBus)

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