Shameless Berlin Presents: Pussy Powered Protest

Shameless Berlin Presents: Pussy Powered Protest.

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Cabaret starring Carmen Chraim, Duckie L'Orange, Liliana Velasquez and Crystal Tassels performed on the following days in August 2019...

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114: The Golf Tavern
Room: Upstairs Bar

The Golf Tavern

Join us for a hedonistic hour of weird, funny and confusing entertainment direct from the seething capital of culture and queerness, Berlin. Our international artists do cabaret, comedy, music, burlesque and puppets that will make your pants wet (in a good way). From Colombia, Lebanon, Australia and the USA, these power femmes deliver a vulvacious smack to the funny bones with a special blend of razor sharp wits and juvenile jokes. Starring Liliana Velasquez: dominatrix turned kabarettist, Duckie L'Orange: queer puppeteer, Carmen Chraim: high-energy comedy and Crystal Tassels: glamorous showgirl brat.

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Person Role
Liliana Velasquez Self
Duckie L'Orange Self
Carmen Chraim Self
Crystal Tassels Self

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